Teacher's guides for an expanding collection

PDF copies of the guides may be viewed or downloaded here or on the website page for each film. Pleases sign up for the GEJ newsletter; we'll let you know when new titles and guides are available.

Guide contents:

  • Summaries
  • Why the film was chosen
  • Suggested subject areas
  • The environmental justice aspect of the film
  • Background information
  • A List of participants
  • A description of the scenes or chapters
  • Selected excerpts, if time is short
  • Discussion questions
  • Activities
  • Supplementary material

New films and more guides will be added to the collection over time (at no extra cost to current subscribers).

Guides available:

(update April 2019)


Guides in progress

  • 5x5: Voices of Change from the Forests of Indonesia
  • Black Tide: Voices from the Gulf
  • Blood and Gold : Inside Myanmar's Secret War
  • Death by Design: The Dirty Secret of our Digital Addiction
  • The Last Mountain
  • Lifting the Veil on Polluters in China