Global Environmental Justice

Introducing the Global Environmental Justice Documentaries Project: a curated collection of 35 documentaries and teacher’s guides


These documentaries can be used in a wide range of subject areas, from Asian, environmental, and Indigenous studies to law, geography, anthropology, global health, policy, conservation biology, and more.


The films in the collection were selected by faculty from Whittier College, Yale, Bates College, Brandeis, and NYU who also wrote the teacher's guides. The project is designed primarily for use at the undergraduate level.


35 films for the price of 3. Thanks to our supporters the collection is available for as little as US$395 / year for a three year license. Canadian institutions can request an extra 25% discount to help offset currency exchange costs. More titles will be added each year at no additional cost to subscribers.

Choice Reviews

Highly recommended.

Capturing ecological, social, and public health crises, these documentaries bring the neglected stories of marginalized communities to light.

Real, relatable people [are] portrayed within their diverse cultures and everyday lives as they are impacted by pollution, globalization, climate change, civil war, ecosystem loss, and corporate power...

...the films are insightful and will enhance students’ environmental literacy and inspire advocacy.

—ccAdvisor review by Sue Wiegand, Saint Mary’s College


Rebecca Overmyer-Velázquez Winner of the Association of Asian Studies' Buchanan Prize and Choice Top 75 Recommended Titles
Teacher's Guides

Each film has a teacher's guide, which includes:
   - Context & background information
   - Suggested subject areas
   - Selected excerpts for use when time is short
   - Discussion questions and activities
   - Supplementary resources

Under-reported stories

Initially focusing on Asia and North America, the GEJ project provides educators and students with an online collection of films that explore the intersections of human rights, environmental degradation, colonization, industrial development, and climate change.

Quality Online Delivery

Academic streaming by Docuseek includes:
   - Video markup for class presentations
   - Create custom video clips
   - Copyright cleared
   - Closed captioning
   - Transcripts

Collaboration for Global Awareness

This project is made possible by support from filmmakers and distributors, the Henry Luce Foundation, Whittier College, the Global Reporting Centre, and Face to Face Media. Your subscription supports this project. For info or updates please contact us at

New additions to the GEJ Collection

We are pleased to add eight new titles to the collection: Thank You for the Rain, RiverBlue, The Last Mountain, A New Moon Over Tohoku, Black Tide, Hope: Indigenous Climate Change Solutions, and Fight for Areng Valley + Lost World. These films explore under-told stories of the often devastating impact of climate change and environmental degradation brought about by global industrial development. The films also provide hope as they highlight the positive efforts of communities that come together and speak out for environmental and climate justice.


New additions to the GEJ Collection
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